• Valentijn Verheije

Be authentic instead of perfect

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Pursuing perfection will not only exhaust you, you're really chasing something that does not exist... Besides, authenticity is more important than perfection.

Have you ever wondered why some TED talks, interviews or performances are so touching while others are not? Think about it. It has nothing to do with those talks being perfect, but everything with you being able to feel that those people are being 'real'. They are authentic.

It are those people that dare to show who they really are, to show not only their biggest dreams but also their fears, that truly inspire.

One of my most powerful realisations is this one:

If there is a heaven and some sort of judgement about your life, the main question will not be why you haven't been someone else. It will be why you haven't been you, since you were born to be you and not someone else.

Perfect does not exist, and it doesn't need to

What might seem perfect to you will not seem perfect to someone else. Absolute perfection does not exist. A fundamental characteristic of our world is that there will always be people criticizing you or your work. That's completely normal and OK. You don't like every idea or person to the same extent either.

So what is that you want to do or create? Beware of the perfection trap. It's very easy not to start pursuing what you really want because you raise your inner bar too high. And then you don't start because you can never meet your own expectations.

My best advice is to just go for it and make sure that, above anything else, it's authentic.

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